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Top 3 BEST shortest games on PS3?

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3 years ago#11
Maybe if you specify how long you want to spend on a game to complete it? Say 10 hours or 5 hours?
3 years ago#12
3 years ago#13
double dragon neon. i played it almost 20 hours though.
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3 years ago#14
God of War?
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3 years ago#15
If Braid counts, then Braid. That game is amazing.
3 years ago#16
ICO lol theres a trophy for beating it in a couple of hours from what I remember xD
3 years ago#17
arkham city. story could be finish in a little over 4 hours.
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3 years ago#18
MGS4. You can finish that in under 3 hours.
Uncharted 2.
3 years ago#19
3 years ago#20
Heavenly Sword
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