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PS3 + Roku

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3 years ago#1
I have a PS3, and I recently cut cable. I bought a Roku box, because I wanted to have a streaming devise I could use with my garage TV and move back-and-forth between my other TVs if needed.

Does anyone else own both a PS3 and a Roku box? When I finish my basement and get a new TV, it will be a smart TV, so maybe my need for the Roku box is no longer valid. idk,,,, do you think the Roku has clear benefits for streaming, even if you own a PS3?
3 years ago#2
I've had a Roku for over a year now and I freaking love it. I don't need to turn on my system just to watch some Netflix. Advantage of the Roku versus the PlayStation is an app called Plex; it allows you to stream movies from your computer to your TV.

Plus the PlayStation controller is awkward when using Netflix. The Roku remote is superlightweight and is dedicated for Netflix etc.
3 years ago#3
I have a ps3 and a roku player and I love it. It keeps dropping the wireless signal tho which sucks. I heard it drops signal a lot which isn't cool since my apt has free fiber optic internet so the wired option isn't a solution. Any ideas on how I can keep it connected better? Everything else in my apt works fine on the wifi. Its just the roku player connects and then its basically buffer time lol
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3 years ago#4
Roku has hbo go which is awesome. For some reason you cant get it on ps3 or apple tv.
3 years ago#5
dkconklin posted...
Roku has hbo go which is awesome. For some reason you cant get it on ps3 or apple tv.

This. HBO Go is a huge plus for me. I probably watch that more than Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video. I prefer using my Roku for streaming stuff anyway. I really only use PS3 for games. Maybe I'm paranoid but the less I use and electronic device the longer I hope it works. It's much cheaper to replace a Roku box than a PS3. Same goes for blu-ray.. I have standalone players for that. I never use PS3 for blu-rays or DVD's.
3 years ago#6
HBO Go would be great for me, but not until HBO decides to offer it as a monthly subscription. Since I cut cable and not longer subscribe to HBO through a cable provider, HBO Go won't do anything for me unfortunately.
3 years ago#7
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