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who else has a backwards compatible ps3? (Archived)
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notzez192/10 5:30AM
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PS3: Hack n Slash games (Archived)
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Jx1010172/10 2:34AM
How's the ratchet and clank series? (Archived)
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RubMyDucky362/10 12:53AM
Point & Click games for PS3? (Archived)wishmaster091232/9 9:09PM
IYO what is the worst game/series on PS3 ? (Poll)
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KittyBillionair722/9 7:15PM
Looking for help with PS3 VS PSTV for PS1 games!! (Archived)Garage_Man22/9 5:33PM
Bioshock series or Dark Soul series? (Poll)
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xxnike629xx242/9 5:23PM
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Bah - Fuel became rare while I wasn't lookin'... (Archived)POOKISTAN32/9 2:53PM
What the hell? No one told me Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 would be this good!* (Archived)PlayStation_Oni102/9 2:38PM
Do you play PAALG or PAAMGs? (Archived)
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TimeOfTheDark222/9 2:33PM
Do you own any additional accessories for ps3? (Archived)
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completeboy202/9 1:51PM
dear sony and third party game makers (Archived)DJPLACE92/9 12:50PM
wow can;t believe skyrim is still one of the most popular games on ps3 (Archived)notzez102/9 12:44PM
resistance games question (Archived)kdimm5522/9 12:42PM
are there any non FPS local 3 or 4 player games? (Archived)LuigisBro42/9 12:41PM
Need help troubleshooting my ps3 (Archived)jackass38072/9 9:11AM