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UK sales of DmC are a third of Devil May Cry 4's opening sales

#31king_maddenPosted 1/21/2013 8:59:51 PM
so greer basically believes "I dont have to play a game to know whether or not its bad, if someone tells me its bad then thats good enough".

how do you know something is bad if you dont taste, play, watch, or listen to it?
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And still, DMC4 opened with three times as many copies sold in the UK. You know.... the thing that really matters?

Really? It may be just me, but I thought gamers enjoying a video game is the "thing that really matters".

I swear, this generation is pathetic.

This^.I care about enjoying the video game and don't get caught up in how many copies it sells.

So, if you enjoy a game, you don't care if it flops, because if it flops there will be no sequels or spin-offs. If you enjoy a game wouldn't you want it to sell a ton so that a sequel was guaranteed? So many people like you don't make any sense.

Me on the other hand - I care about how many copies that DmC sells, because I want it to sell very little so that there is never another one again. Ever. I do not want DmC to exist. Not in my world or anywhere.

So, logic - use it.

"Logic" is that not a single damn person on this forum knows exactly what the profit margin is on this game or how many they have to sell.

No to sound like I'm siding with anyone. But Capcom said this game needed to sell 5m in order for DmC to be considered a success. They've since lowered it to 2m.
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nonexistinghero posted...
I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to games. DmC is many steps backwards compared to other DMC games and abandons what the franchise build so far. The controls are needlessly complex, less weapons & moves, clunkier gameplay with less variety in combat, much easier, etc.

Yeah, it might be a decent game in it's own right, but it's a huge slap in the face to anyone that cared about DMC. Obviously, you did not.

Everything you said is either skewed, out of context, or just plain wrong.

The controls are not needlessly complex. In fact, they're quite comparable to DMC4's. They're slightly different. If people took the time to learn them and not complain, there wouldn't be a problem.

There are a total of TWO less weapons than DMC3. It features the second most in the series.

There are less moves available, but it isn't by much.

The gameplay isn't at all clunky, and theres only less variety in combat compared to DMC4. It trumps every other game. Yes, even DMC3, as you had to choose styles, which severely limits variety.

It's easier, but only because it has a rather forgiving checkpoint system(more-so than 4), and we're all rather skilled in DMC3 and DMC4. DMC3 was only hard because it took most by surprise, and we weren't quite used to that kind of game(it was quite different from DMC and 4 years later with nothing inbetween) So these kind of games aren't much of a challenge anymore. I breezed through DMC4 and Bayonetta.
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This is not factual. They said (and a link would have been nice as I had to track the information.....the correct information......down myself) that they "expect to sell 2 million". Or in other words, sales projections / forecast which are subject to a number of different factors such as pre-sales (probably the reason this projection dropped so dramatically), past titles, etc etc and don't necessarily translate into profit margins.......No where did I read anything about the game having to sell X amount to be considered a "success" or what the hard margin is for the game to be profitable.
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It's still the #1 for each version though.

And still, DMC4 opened with three times as many copies sold in the UK. You know.... the thing that really matters?

Really? It may be just me, but I thought gamers enjoying a video game is the "thing that really matters".

I swear, this generation is pathetic.

So.... this generation of gaming, with majority of people who knew title from its original inception, who loved and enjoyed the game using facts to back up their opinion of what they enjoyed that have been broken for "wider audience" is pathetic?

So... for a gamer/ fan who understands the game industry economy for the sake of the series' longevity to use facts in helping them make a point of how a new entry strayed from the original too far and is blatantly obvious in the figures something pathetic?

As much as I want to agree to you gamer's soul thing, gaming is as much about business as it is your enjoyment. Game development cost tons and individual unit prices steep so for a realist to make a point on how a game's enjoyability is relative to the sales figure isn't too far off and in by no means makes someone pathetic for being a realist.