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Game franchises you'd like to see done Dynasty Warriors style
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MisfitPrince119/15 6:39AM
l can only get one of these 2 games at the moment. Help me decide (Poll)ManjiMidou59/15 6:38AM
Need to know what to buy next (God of War related)leon_trunks49/15 6:38AM
Anyone mega hyped for Fairy Fencer F?
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MyWifeBeatsMe149/15 6:10AM
System transfer, am I thinking right?FishOfPain19/15 6:09AM
I'm pretty shocked how fast people are hitting the level cap for Destiny.POOKISTAN59/15 5:44AM
We going to be stuck with ps3s forever?
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Kconv179/15 5:41AM
Does the HD version of Zone of the Enders 1 have any extras?TrulyEpicLawls99/15 5:40AM
psn money question
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corex3d139/15 5:37AM
Games you either gave up on or keep giving up on?
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Look_A_Username449/15 4:56AM
Could someone clarify the Assassin's Creed IV DLC?xxnike629xx39/15 4:51AM
The story in Uncharted 3 pisses me off *Spoilers*ninjarobot_22109/15 2:16AM
Digital Devil Saga 1 or 2? Which one from the PS store is...Junpei_Stupei99/15 12:33AM
PS3 still outselling PS4its_matt59/15 12:12AM
saints row the third questionBilly Trance29/14 11:17PM
i'm buying a third ps3 as back up.Billy Trance79/14 10:53PM
I have Harada/Bamco's attention (link) - PLEASE let them know you want Xenosaga!
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dudupupu149/14 10:15PM
Is it possible to save PS3 content into my PC?Raiden24369/14 9:12PM
Black Screen issueTheTrueShot3269/14 9:07PM
What are the best digital-only titles?indica89/14 9:05PM