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Who wants to play Doom 1, 2 and 3 online?Artesal15/3 7:38AM
Recent PS3 Pickups Topic
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NajibTheChamp275/3 7:10AM
An easy platinum game that is not too embarrassing to have in your collection?
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SpaceXoDDity255/3 7:07AM
WoW this year 2015 will be released a tons of Anime and JRPG games for PS3ahmednaruto201365/3 7:04AM
Any kool competitive multiplayer game(local)? no shooters or fighting games.crazy_koopa55/3 5:19AM
how can I find out what the may PS plus games will be?oldhbk7665/3 4:31AM
Which game should I get out of these two? (Poll)Twilightwolf44475/3 3:05AM
Do you tend to play happy or sad games?
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namelessuser165/3 1:20AM
Is Tales of Zestiria the best JRPG on the PS3?? (Poll)
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Scipio1989185/3 12:41AM
initial d sound questionBrocken_Jr25/3 12:31AM
do atelier games have good story?RJP_X75/2 11:09PM
Wait Waaait just a min!! Final Fantasy XV is not coming to the PS3?!!
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yahya_no_1965/2 11:05PM
How Active is CS:GO on the PS3?djmetal77755/2 11:02PM
how to unlock robert in kof 11?Billy Trance65/2 10:01PM
How are PS2 games on PS3ElBorak7775/2 8:48PM
i hate games that the whole world hates you.
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Billy Trance145/2 8:42PM
resistance fall of man had an update?!? (which is now no longer attainable?)ZetaroZethren95/2 8:29PM
Dead RIsing 2 or Dead Rising 2: Off The Record?GamingNerd201385/2 8:12PM
How much should I sell my PS3 for?SilentXwing95/2 7:46PM
I need a good emotional RPG to play in ps3.
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IndigoIce205/2 7:34PM