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Your rarest platinum?

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User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#21
Legasista.... 1.10%
Sailor Moon returns 2013! O_o

User Info: Mud_Chan

4 years ago#22
Can anyone tell me rarity on wipeout HD?
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User Info: Warhawk

4 years ago#23
NASCAR The Game 2011 - Ultra Rare - 4.86%
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User Info: SHAO-Khan

4 years ago#24
the sims 3 and Warriors Orochi 3
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User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#25
"Clue in, girl! Get in that trap room and grab that battery while I, a bad-ass convict, play this beautiful piano melody."-MorphineChild on REō

User Info: leomar91

4 years ago#26
Wipeout HD/Fury, took me a while

User Info: ninjakraken

4 years ago#27
Top 3

Modnation Racers - 1.95% (though I must admit to boosting the Xp trophy)
Dead Rising 2 - 3.70%
Shadow of the Colossus - 4.35%
PSN: lady_mystic
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User Info: bloodcoast

4 years ago#28
Unanimously Elected
Disgaea 4
Ultra Rare: 2.12%

It was one of the easier ones though.

User Info: gtaking5

4 years ago#29
Red Dead Redemption
Legend of the West 6.08%
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Give me directions and Iíll get lost again

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#30
bioshock 2! thought more people would have that. 9.44%
PSN El_Borak_77
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