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Your rarest platinum?

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3 years ago#221
Bleach - ultra rare 4.30%
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3 years ago#222
warhawk plat

3 years ago#223
Budokai Hd Collection. .35%
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3 years ago#224
Persona 4 Arena Platinum (Ultra Rare: 0.39%)

(uhg... never touching score attack mode ever again.)
3 years ago#225
^ Wow, that's quite an achievement! Congrats!

Mine is Star Ocean: The Last Hope International: Ultra Rare: 0.94%
3 years ago#226
Soul Calibur 5.
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3 years ago#227
5%-ish, SSF4 beating the campaign & Gouken on hardest diff with no continue
3 years ago#228
Sigma 2, with Vanquish not too far behind
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3 years ago#229
record of the agarest war

Ultra Rare

kinda surprised how rare this one is more rpg fans should get this game..
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3 years ago#230
villainousfats posted...
Street fighter 4
Super street fighter 4

Those are my only platinums.

grats 2 insanely hard platys that i gave up on long ago.
Beauty is the only truth in this world.
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