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Your rarest platinum?

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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#41
Batman: Arkham City
Very Rare: 6.32%
Vayne Solidor of the DD012FF Board
Currently playing: Persona 4: Golden, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

User Info: taz_8806

4 years ago#42
Borderlands 25.04%

It's my only platinum.
"When you're stuck between the devil/and the deep blue sea/you should stop worrying about pirates/and adjust your sails." - DanBull

User Info: superbowl54

4 years ago#43
Hyperdimension Neptunia

I'm VERY surprised it's that high of a number, even more surprised that Mk2 is at 23.93%.
XBL: Beasts Inc; PSN: DeadlySilence
Currently Playing: Dark Souls, Persona 4 Arena, Black Ops 2, Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2, ZOE HD, Valkyria Chronicles, DmC

User Info: WiiFreak1135

4 years ago#44
Gran Turismo 5
Ultra Rare: 0.94%

User Info: Drago77

4 years ago#45
1. Demons' Souls (US) - 13.09%
2. Dark Souls - 18.45%
3. Demons' Souls (JP) - 18.97%

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#46
Dead Rising 2 3.70%
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: mcranberry00

4 years ago#47
Rage - 7.26% very rare
PSN ID: Irishnghtmare
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User Info: BilI_Rizer

4 years ago#48
MGS2 HD 6.34%

Definitely the one I'm most proud of too.

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#49
N7 elite 11.65
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User Info: CanesHouse

4 years ago#50
Record Of Agarest War - 4.08%
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