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Looking to replay a tomb raider game on ps3

#21blakmog(Topic Creator)Posted 1/26/2013 10:37:42 AM
Rafedx posted...
blakmog posted...
Please help me decide (yes some games are on ps2 but i have the hd collection)

I was looking forward to giving you my opinion only to come in here and see the poll is missing the actual "real" Tomb Raider games. :p

I have beef with Underworld, I didn't mind Legends but it still got under my skin and Anniversary was IMHO the only one done remotely right so that's my choice.

Seriously though, why the lack of the classic Tomb Raider games? Tomb Raider 2 alone destroys all 3 of the TR games you listed and TR4 is just so damn epic. Have you played them? Own them? You even like them? If you started on PS2 then I could see why you might not be interested but damn the PS1/PC titles will always be my favorite TR games.

I own them all on ps1,,, maybe ill play them all in order :o .
I didn't really give them a chance but i do own them all.
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#22JoveHackPosted 1/26/2013 10:57:49 AM
Rafedx posted...
You are totally out of the loop when it comes to Tomb Raider fans. Most are fans of the old one; The controllers while tank like still get the job done. Legend, Anniversary and Underworld failed to deliver the atmosphere of the originals, the feeling of isolation and actually getting spooked by some of the different enemies. The levels were uninspired, the characters were pretty bland and they have technical issues mainly Underworld.

The deal with older games was that you learned the basic game mechanics, and the developers designed levels that made them fun and interesting. In that respect, the levels were the stars of the early Tomb Raider games, not Lara.

So you learned to run, jump, grab, climb, and shoot. Then the developers showed you how much depth there was to the seemingly simple gameplay. That gives the player a feeling of mastery that's almost unequalled today.

Pacing in how new techniques were introduced was important, as well as giving the player interesting architecture to look at, and fun & useful stuff to collect, like weapons, ammo, healing, save crystals, etc.

Tomb Raider 1 had that "just one more area before I save and quit" that really kept me going. Always wondering what was next, and hurrying to see.

And swimming was great, a feel of flying, with a time limit to keep the stress up under water.

Tomb Raider: Legend looked much better, and felt much more realistic. But now the star of the show is Lara, not what she can do. Less clever levels. The game is a movie starring Lara Croft. Gameplay and level design is considerably dumbed down. That being said, I like TRL the most of all the games, because it's just a fun place to be. Looks great, too.

The topology of the levels can be interesting, too. Seeing just how twisted a path they can have Lara travel just to get through an area. That went away a bit in TR:Anniversary, and seemed almost completely gone in TR:Underworld.

And TRL's got one of the best soundtracks in gaming. Many times I've lingered on the level select screen just to listen, until the idle-trailer starts up. Based on youtube comments I'm not the only one.

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#23blakmog(Topic Creator)Posted 1/26/2013 2:23:36 PM
Just when i decide to go back to play the old games, i check steam. 75% off all tomb raider games.

Got them all for 10 / $15

I kina prefere playing on the pc too, got my ps3 controller all hooked up for them :)
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