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What makes a jrpg a jrpg?

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4 years ago#1
4 years ago#2
*goes to get lawn chair and popcorn*
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4 years ago#3
being made in japan
4 years ago#4
no really, i don't know what makes a jrpg and jrpg. Being made in Japan is the only thing that makes it a jrpg?
4 years ago#5
Oh boy. Might as well ask "what classifies asians?" cuz some ppl out there believe there's asian, and then there's asian. But here:
and also look up the urbandictonary definition
4 years ago#6
Really? Is this a sore topic or something? Maybe im out of the loop here.
4 years ago#7
One of two things, depending on usage:

1. Is it made in Japan and an RPG? Some people use this classification.

2. Is it a turn-based battle system, with all stats affecting only or almost only in-battle-related functions? This covers games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Star Ocean, where most of, if not all stats are used only for the purposes of combat, and not like in, say, D&D, where you need to pass a strength check to bash a door down, or a dexterity check to pick a lock.

I think that accurately sums up the two possible definitions without being insulting or anything.

Edit: It can be a sore topic around here, because the die-hard defenders of either side will try to insult the other any chance they get. They're like the Sharks and the Jets, only with less singing and dancing.
4 years ago#8
Numbers on the screen indicating damage done to enemies (staple of any RPG)

And the main character is a child or an adolescent (Japan has strict rules on how to make an RPG protagonist).
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4 years ago#9
It has to be extremely silly and borerline ridiculous. Usually it has to have kids as the main characters in a dated turn based battle system where you're fighting off goofy s*** like bird monsters or something.
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4 years ago#10
random, turn-based battles
linear storyline
no character customization aside from choosing a name and equipment. At most, you might pick a class (see Final Fantasy 1)
overworld map

Were the original elements that made up a JRPG. Nowadays, they are a blend of many genres.
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