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What makes a jrpg a jrpg?

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3 years ago#81
I wonder when people will learn that "JRPG" isn't a genre.
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3 years ago#82
jammies posted...
Bekness posted...
TheMcKnightMare posted...
*goes to get lawn chair and popcorn*

*steals popcorn, runs while you're still sitting down*

*trips you and watches the popcorn spill on the carpet(no idea why that guy had been setting up a lawn chair in the bathroom... nor why the bathroom had carpet... nor why he eats popcorn in the bathroom)*

*continues taking a s*** on lawn chair... Yells for more popcorn and toilet tissue*
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3 years ago#83
TheWarHorse posted...
It has to be extremely silly and borerline ridiculous. Usually it has to have kids as the main characters in a dated turn based battle system where you're fighting off goofy s*** like bird monsters or something.

lol..silly boi
3 years ago#84
"Japanese Role Playing Game"

Simple as that, a RPG made in Japan.
3 years ago#85
bigdeez posted...

Just stick with "made in Japan", it's simpler that way
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3 years ago#86
Basically, WRPGs are games that trace their game mechanics back to Dungeons and Dragons. JRPGs are games that trace their mechanics back to Dragon Quest 4.

This does mean that Western Developers can make JRPGs and Japanese developers can make WRPGs, though due to the popularity of the genres in each region this rarely happens. It is true though that all early RPGs from Japan are basically WRPGs.
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3 years ago#87
MegaMettaur posted...
RyuNinjaDog posted...
Paul Nelson posted...
being made in japan

No not really. Dark Souls and Demon Souls were made by a Japanese developer but most consider it to be a western style RPG. Same with Dragon's Dogma.

A JRPG basically just follows the formula set by Dragon Quest 1.

I never actually classified the souls games as either..they're action rpgs.

Who cares what you classify them as? They are a western style RPG.
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