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PS+ question

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4 years ago#11
Soliquidus posted...
theshoveller posted...
Soliquidus posted...
theshoveller posted...
Soliquidus posted...
Yes. One notable thing to me is the fact that you can back up all your saves Online.

This is handy because it's the only way, short of linking two PS3s together via ethernet, to copy over "locked saves."

Yeah I wish there was some way we could back up all our saves to a device of some sort. A Flash Drive or something similar. 150 MBs can get used up really fast. Still tho, it is pretty cool to have that option there with PS Plus.

It's a gigabyte, now. They upped it a few months back.

Really? Hmmmm. I missed that. I'll check it out the next time I log on. I can definitely back up all my saves with that amount of space

4 years ago#12
You also get huge discounts on varying games at varying times. Like right now there are quality games on discounts ranging from $3.50-$10.00

The Free Games every month clear the cost easily.
4 years ago#13
I don't know if the deal is still going on or not, but they also had a MASSIVE discount on the Music Unlimited service too just recently. $12.00 for a whole year when it normally costs $120.00. Could have even spent $18 on a 3 month PS+ subscription if you didn't have one and saved a total of $90.

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