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Have you ever platted a series??

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User Info: SuperShadowAce

4 years ago#41
Sly Cooper. Although that changes when Sly 4 drops as my schedule for the next 3 months gives me little time for console games and I still have Sonic all stars racing transformed, DMC HD and Vanquish to occupy me. <----Good comic
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User Info: stevetherican

4 years ago#42
By the way, i must point out all the Sly fans out here! Good to see !
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User Info: Roldrage

4 years ago#43
stevetherican posted...
Teepo64 posted...
stevetherican posted...
As in platinum all the available games in the series on ps3?

I've done it once with Bioshock 1/2, both 100% plat.

I am trying for the Sonic allstar racing series but transformed is surprisingly tough.

And come march...its time for Infinite!

Was Bioshock 1/2 difficult to plat?

If you can survive the first few areas of 1, then you ll be fine. I love exploring every single room in rapture so the collectibles came easy. The standard set of trophies isnt too bad by any means, but the DLC trophies may give you a work out, esp the trophy that concerns beating worlds of hurt in 15min. I only got it done by simultaneously watching a youtube guide LOL...

Bioshock 2 has an even easier set of standard trophies, however it is EXTREMELY time consuming...if you want 100% plat, easily looking at 50-60hrs of multiplayer. I think by the time I reached level 50, i clocked in at about 52 hrs of mp (although i love the mp so it went quick for me). The single player trophies will be another 20-30 or so hours.

So while 1 is harder and less time consuming, 2 is the exact opposite.

Reaching level 40 in mp shouldn't take more than 20 hours if you do the challenges.
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