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Why do they blame video games instead of fixing our real problems?

#11userfrigginamePosted 1/26/2013 7:20:30 AM(edited)
krucifixhorror posted...
Less men means less world population. Also if they "fix" or "cure" anything, certain businesses would no longer exist, like big pharma for instance.

Agree with your second statement that companies aren't motivated to fix things/find cures (due to greed), but our population is actually controlled by the number of women. You can have 100 men and 50 women, but you are limited 50 children (not counting 2+ babies at a time) for that group because that's the amount of ppl able to bear children. If you have 50 men and 100 women, you can have 100 children at a time cuz men can impregnate more than one woman.