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Any PS3 game COLLECTORS here?
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HaloODSTD2312/18 3:41AM
Video Game Ideas/Concepts you would love to see, but probably won't.
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FredericChopin1312/18 3:33AM
'The file system is corrupted and will be restored'
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Lupin1371212/18 2:04AM
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Yakuza 5 Physical release campaign, please sign
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What's your favorite Tekken game? (Poll)
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theGodPanties7712/17 10:05PM
Beyond: Two Souls is a terrible title.
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knightoffire552112/17 9:54PM
Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition is Shorter then regular Diablo 3?Dirk_McHardpeck1012/17 8:51PM
Which is the better survival horror game? The Evil Within or Resident Evil 6?
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Did SOCOM die because they tried to make it too much like Call of Duty?SolidKnight512/17 7:29PM
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