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Oh fina-f***ing-lly, I got the ni no kuni demo. Took long enough. My thoughts:

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  3. Oh fina-f***ing-lly, I got the ni no kuni demo. Took long enough. My thoughts:
4 years ago#1
Well first off, wow. Is saying wow even enough? This game looks... unbelievably amazing. Seeing it in motion in the demo is just... a real treat.

And that's despite the fact that I'm getting a Dragon Quest vibe from it, which is turning me off completely. Since you know, ugh Dragon Quest :\ .

Tried a few battles, the system is... well it can take a bit of getting used to. This kinda game is gonna feature monster collecting it seems, which is also something I don't want since my Pokemon days are way behind me and I'd rather not bother with that kind of mechanic.

Yet despite that, this game truly looks beyond charming, which frustrates me because I kept on playing the 2 sides of the demo even though I didn't think I wanted to stomach through the battle system, and it's amazing how just the graphics alone are like, keeping me playing.

Well not just that I hope. I don't know about the story but I'm hoping the voice acting is top notch. Not just "good for a video game" mentality... the few snippets of voices I heard were okay, that's good.

In truth, part of me really doesn't want to like it since I just want to dump my ps3 back in the closet, and another part of me is worried that if I take a gamble on a game from this abysmal gen, I'll be left sorely disappointed again.

So I open the floor to you and to hear what your thoughts on the game are.
When life gives you melons, you make melonade.
4 years ago#2
I wish it wasn't filled with cute characters/familiars and enemies.

I gotta play it, but it really could've been a kick ass RPG without teddy bear style creatures.
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4 years ago#3
I didn't enjoy the demo at all, was always neutral toward DQ, f****** hate Pokemon and yet, somehow, I'm really enjoying NNK.
It's addicting and the storyline is great. Very metaphoric, dips pretty heavily into the grieving process, human social-interaction and perception of events/objects.

Pretty cool stuff.
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4 years ago#4
Well its cuteness is a large part of its appeal and really makes it something special, but I won't blame you for not liking it, since my reasons can be just as superficial.

Really makes me think of those studio ghibli movies like Spirited Away or Princess Monoke. I own Spirited Away on DVD and am planning to watch it soon.
When life gives you melons, you make melonade.
4 years ago#5
Playing it right now, easily the best JRPG on the PS3
4 years ago#6
Be real with me, tell me some actual points that interest you within the game, such as navigation, convenience of text size, large font when reading dialogue, traversing the world map, points of substance that I can use.

That's what I'm interested in knowing. So type your heart out.
When life gives you melons, you make melonade.
4 years ago#7
TC, I played the demo which actually made me think "wow this game is boring, childish-looking, and the hell is it getting great reviews everywhere?". So I then decided not to buy it, and rented it instead. Days later my rental arrived and I gave it a shot. I was Instantly amazed with the storyline alone. It was heartbreaking seeing a certain scene early on that made me instantly like the game and kept me addicted to play further on. The next day I bought the game and sent my rental back since this was a keeper and I can see myself putting the 80+hrs into it. Very rare that a game I once perceived as "stupid" and "childish" would be so damn addicting and incredible to play.

10+ hrs into it (in one sitting, mind you), I can happily say that Ni No Kuni is the absolute best JRPG of this generation, better than the Atelier games, FFXIII games, Tales Of games (this is coming from a huge Vesperia and Graces fan), etc. Its actually on the same level of the legendary favorites such as the classic FF and Chrono games of the past. I think if the whole beginning of the game had been a part of the actual demo (the intro, cutscenes and everything else leading up to the forest level), It would have been a day 1 buy for me. If you're any type of jRPG gamer (past or current gen), I heavily suggest don't judge the game by the demo (because it just throws you in about an hour and a half into the game without really knowing whats happened to keep you hooked) or by its looks, but actually try the retail copy instead (or at least watch the beginning parts of the game online). Sorry for the long post lol
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4 years ago#8
I do have to admit that story is very important to me in an RPG which can be seen as idiotic when video game stories are so abysmal and character archetypes in japanesey games are just too annoying to see; they've lost all cheesy charm that I once had for them 6 years ago.

I'd like to know if the story features good characterization or if it's like a Dragon Quest game, featuring none and being very boring.

After good characterization, comes the story, and whether or not it's any good.

After that, the battle system or how the journey plays out: long waiting times, battle load times (the demo seemed to show that battle transition screen loads were a bit long; I want them to be instantaneous to get right into the action and then right out with my experience points and money)

But I am truly, truly, suckered in by the graphics.
When life gives you melons, you make melonade.
4 years ago#9
Dragon Quest VIII and the rest of the others in the series are not my cup of tea and felt rather repetitive with very little story to capture my interest (farthest I went in DQVIII was like 19 hours and I gave up out of pure boredom). Its definitely not like that in Ni No Kuni. Characterization is very well done in the game and makes you want to care about the characters. Theyre very likeable, the voice acting is pretty good and your sidekick in particular is very hilarious. I havent really noticed had a problem with the battle loading time because it hasnt really bothered me so I couldnt tell. You always start battles out with having to choose which familiar you're going go send out to go into battle so thats about the only "pause" I've noticed. Could have been slightly better if you could have a set familiar to start the battles from the get-go to avoid choosing at the beginning of every battle.
XBL GT, Nintendo ID, PSN ID: UltimaFlare83
4 years ago#10
I would actually just play the game for the story, music, and characters, but the battle system for me (based on the demo) just wasn't enjoyable. I don't having to use familiars or monsters in battles; it was a turn off for me that prevented me from considering FFXIII-2.
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  3. Oh fina-f***ing-lly, I got the ni no kuni demo. Took long enough. My thoughts:

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