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PS4 how much are you willing to pay?

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4 years ago#171
$500 assuming half of what I've heard is true, though I'm sure there's more than what the rumors say so I'd be willing to go up to 7-800 atleast.
4 years ago#172
$500 for the high end model, maybe a wee bit more.
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4 years ago#173
800 if it's crazy powerful.

600 if not.
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4 years ago#174
Draconas_Lyrr posted...
RyuuHou25 posted...
4 years ago#175
a lot if they make lots of great jrpgs for it
4 years ago#176
Right now? Nothing. Specs don't mean a damn to me without a decent game to play, and we've seen approximately zero games thus far.
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4 years ago#177
steker16 posted...
From: Boomh | #099
How much am I willing to pay....?

go to 1:45

right click >copy video url at current time

just saying

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4 years ago#178
A golden coin from Anglo-Saxon times.

Or 750 in counterfeit cash.
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4 years ago#179
$599, but I'd prefer $499
4 years ago#180
The price will be 399$/. max 50 more on launch month(s). You can quote me on that.
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