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Most underrated RPG?

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3 years ago#51
I think the fact that I'm the only one to mention Puzzle Quest lends credibility to my claim.
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3 years ago#52
jammies posted...
I think the fact that I'm the only one to mention Puzzle Quest lends credibility to my claim.

Not really. It was pretty popular and well received.
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3 years ago#53
The Last Remnant.

The PC version I mean, the Xbox version had a good few issues.
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3 years ago#54
mrhappyguy12345 posted...
Shadow Hearts.

I never got around to play the second or third, but I still have the first Shadow Hearts. It is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

It's a shame we'll never see a PS3 Hearts game.

Now I'll just have to listen to the soundtrack of the first game again, makes me so nostalgic.
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3 years ago#55
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals

Such an omg good game... hardly mentioned... sigh
3 years ago#56
Unremarked upon is not the same thing as underrated.

If people are talking down a game, making it sound worse than it really is, that is underrating the game.

If people are not tlaking about the game at all then there is no buzz saying whether the game is good or bad, so ther is no buzz to be underrating the game.
3 years ago#57
Thousand Arms
Vanguard Bandits
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3 years ago#58
Nicodimus posted...
From: Astroshak | #040
it was not rated highly because of the way the end of the game just put all your work into your build and made it irrelevant.

I remember roasting the game for that myself. Incredibly stupid design.

Still that was like, 1% of the game. It didn't take away the fun of the other 99%.

I'm not going to disagree with you, but apparently a LOT of people think that that 1% can kill off not just the game, but the entire series .. as Mass Effect 3 demonstrates.
3 years ago#59
Suikoden 5

The game was great. Load times asside, it had a great story, music, battles returned to 6 man parties. 108 characters half of which didn't just join you for no reason unlike previous games in the series.

Since the 3rd Suikoden was "too different" and the 4th one sucked. No one gave the 5th one a chance. Thus killing a great franchise, and leaving my favorite series buried forever.
3 years ago#60
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door's Game Informer review comes to mind... 6.5 lol.

I would say Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 are pretty underrated (except by RPGFan).

Terranigma maybe? It just didn't get a whole lot of exposure.

Nier was pretty bad, but it wasn't THAT bad as the reviews suggested.

Chrono Cross is very underrated by Chrono Trigger fans. I think its better than the first.

Likewise, FFXII by FF fans. I like that game more than I-III, V, IX, X, and XIII.

Shadow Hearts is damn good.

Suikoden V is incredible.
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