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Just got a PS3 and I'm looking for a game with a great story! Recommendations?

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Ni no Kuni is HIGHLY recommended. Just don't let the cartoony Pokemon look fool you because it's far from being a "kiddy" game.

It is a "kiddy" game, but what's wrong with that? It's still good.

I disagree. While it's a cartoon, it's got some very mature themes in the story. If anything it's for all ages, but it's definitely not just for kids.

I never said it was just for kids, you can enjoy it regardless of how old you are. It's a good game, but it's still a "kiddy" game. Even Sesame Street has the occasional mature theme from time to time.

Eh...even I have to disagree.

Ni No Kuni is set for everybody and shouldn't be considered "kiddy" by any means. Why because it involves a child as the main character? Oh the ignorance with people..

Looney Tunes is for everybody, but it's still "kiddy." Its target audience is kids, just like Ni No Kuni's target audience is kids. That doesn't mean you have to be a kid to enjoy it, you can enjoy it regardless of how old you are. I'm going for my bachelor's right now, and I still enjoy watching stuff like Looney Tunes and Toy Story. They're "kiddy," but they have a charming appeal to them that allows them to be enjoyed by any age group. Ni No Kuni is a good game, but to deny that it's a game aimed mostly at kids is to turn a blind eye to the facts.
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Ni No Kuni's target audience is not kids... it's adults who were kids when the games that inspired it were released. The mid-20s gamers who were part of Pokemon fever, and the early 30s gamers who were there when Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest came out. Saying a traditional console RPG is geared toward today's kids is ridiculous.
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Metal Gear Solid 4.


and the rest of the series (mgs1 is on the ps store and 2, 3, and peace walker are in the collection)
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Red Dead Redemption. It's quite possibly my favorite game ever.
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MGS HD Collection

One of the greatest stories in video games. Ever.
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Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, and Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway.
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Metal gear solid series
Uncharted series
Ni no kuni
Heavy rain
Deus ex human revolution
To name a few
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Derp. Nevermind didn't read OP properly.

Get Tales of Graces F. The extra content in the PS3's version warrant the purchase.