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Rank the Final Fantasy titles you've played from greatest to worst

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3 years ago#51
X, XI, IV, VII, IX,Tactics Advance, VI, VIII, XIII-2, XII, Tactics, XIII, X-2, III, V, I, II

(excluding certain spinoffs which i'm fond of including dissidia, dirge of cerberus, crisis core, revenant wings etc. )
3 years ago#52
1-Final Fantasy Tactics
2-Final Fantasy VII
3-Final Fantasy VI
4-Final Fantasy IX
5-Final Fantasy VIII
6-Final Fantasy XII
7-FInal Fantasy IV
8-Final Fantasy X
9-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
10-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2
11-Final Fantasy XIII

With XIII I abandoned the series, did not even finished, such a boring and uninteresting game.
3 years ago#53
5 Advanced > 6 Advanced > 9 > Tactics > Tactics Advanced > 8 > 7 > I & II > Tactics A2 > 4 > Mystic Quest
3 years ago#54
FF6 and FF7 (both in the same spot)
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3 years ago#55

VII and IX i never fully completed though.
3 years ago#56
6, tactics, 4, type-0, tactics advanced, 9, 1, 10-2, 5, 12, 13, 13-2, 3, 10, 7, 8, 2
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3 years ago#57
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XIII-2
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3 years ago#58
7, 10, 9, tactics, 8, 12, 10-2, 5, 13, all the ones i havent played, 13-2
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3 years ago#59
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 13-2
Final Fantasy 11
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 12
Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy 5
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy 3
Final Fantasy 1
Final Fantasy 2
3 years ago#60
Not including Tactics or XI and VIX, because those games have vastly different standards:


The rest of them are pretty much all close enough that I don't bother ordering them.


Then come the NES ones, which are much worse than the 16-bit and latter.


FF3 is by far the worst of them. Honestly, I can't think of an RPG that's worse than it except Hydlide.
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