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what dead, presumed dead, and extinct game series you want back

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4 years ago#321
Sonic Adventure- I miss the chao gardens and multi character levels... Definitely could use some streamlining... As in no more Amy or Big or Tails/Eggman levels as they were, more streamlined and intense levels like we see in more recent sonic games, more variety, but similar kind of stuff.
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4 years ago#322
Devil May Cry

Borderlands 2: Maya-10, Zero-50, Axton-25, Sal-50
4 years ago#323
Okay, Make new ones of these games and IN ENGLISH!!

Summon Night (love the gba games)
Valkyria Chronicles
Rorouni Kenshin games (seriously what the f*** happened!?)
Shin Megami Tensei Persona games (What happened to Persona 5!?)
Old school FF
Breath Of Fire
Super Mario RPG
Mega Man Zero (I hated the ending of 4 but love the series)
Baten Kaitos
Mega Man X
Skies Of Arcadia
Silent Hill (a good one like 1,2,3)
Bushido Blade
Shining Force
Saga Frontier
Super Robot Taisen (bring us EXCEED (and more of series) IN ENGLISH!)
Star Ocean
Sonic Adventure
Type Moon games (fate/stay night, Melty Blood, Kara no Kyoukai, tsukihime, etc related games)
Valkyrie Profile
Shadow Hearts
Pokemon Snap (oh come on, it needs a sequel!)
Pokemon Stadium
Phantasy Star
Shining Force
Battle Arena Toshinden (yes please)
Megaman Battle Network
Banjo Kazooie
Donkey Kong
Boktai (the GBA advance games)
Resonance of fate (great game)
YS series
Star Fox
Final fight
Streets of rage
Golden axe
Megaman Legends (thanks so much for canceling 3, you pricks)
Crash Bandicoot
Secret of Evermore
Ape Escape
Legacy Of Kain
Parasite Eve (proper one please)
Guilty Gear
Blazblue main (WHERE IS BLAZBLUE 3!?)
Ghouls and Goblins
Dino Crisis
Legend Of Dragoon
Advance Wars
Earthworm Jim
Digimon World
Dark Cloud
Viewtiful Joe
Zone of the Enders
Gunstar Heroes
Custom Robo
Starwars Battlefront
Jax and Dexter
Monster Rancher
Brave Fencer Musashi
Parappa the Rapper
Arc The Lad
Sonic Adventure (Chao Gardens please)
2D Metroid
Jurassic Park
Freedom Fighters
Red Faction
Inuyasha games
Wild Arms (Love this series so much!)

(All off the top of my head but pretty much all good ones. If you use this list, reference me please!)
4 years ago#324
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man in general
X-Men Legends
A new Ghostbusters that's as amazing as the official game
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4 years ago#325
Devil May Cry
4 years ago#326
shadowcat2164 posted...

mirrors edge
xmen legends
old school final fantasy
old school resident evil

Mirror's Edge 2 got announced by Dice, good to know that's on the way.
Agreed X-Men Legends 3 should of been here by now. Final Fantasy X remake could be good if they add customizable costumes for all characters, cut 50% of words spoken by Rikku, Wakka, & Tidus, Expand upon what made Blitzball great, remove locks on the sphere grid, expand the sphere grid, remove a couple of annoying NPC's, include a "pro" mode with increased difficulty (such as Aeons can only be called during boss fights, etc.), & that should make a pretty good remake. It can be done! (So of course they're gonna f*%# it up!)
Old School Resident Evil man, I couldn't agree more. The strategy of what items to bring with you, should you use that ink ribbon now, or risk it & wait? Alas the industry has moved on & we all would love if you would buy Left $ Dead on steam, enjoy yourself, close as you're gonna get to the dream.

My vote is for "Grand Theft Legend of the Colossus Skyrim Fantasy!" ....Any one? No? Well you'll see something like that as soon as I get my dev studio up & running. Cheers!
4 years ago#327
Kings Field
All the ladies love Holden Mcgroin.
4 years ago#328
Mirror's Edge
Beyond Good and Evil
Earthworm Jim
Pokemon Snap (yes, it's a spin-off of Pokemon, but it counts)
Banjo Kazooie (and not the Nuts and Bolts crap)
Star Fox
Breath of Fire
It's-a me!
4 years ago#329
Jersey devil
4 years ago#330

Freaking Lucas Arts, man.
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