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what dead, presumed dead, and extinct game series you want back

#331thescorpionPosted 1/31/2013 5:36:50 AM
Ultimate Muscle
Sonic Adventure
Brutal (a beat-em-up game by GameTek and Eurocom)

Not a series:

Fur Fighters
Looks like they have spilled coffee on the server again.
#332TGSnowwyPosted 1/31/2013 5:54:38 AM
roadtosalvation posted...
I don't know, am I the only one that doesn't want certain franchises to come back? Some of them should STAY dead...

I mean the Mega Man X series served up some real crap after Mega Man X4 and then Mega Man X8 is DUMB enough to give us an actual interesting twist when the games obviously weren't selling enough to RESOLVE said twist... THANK YOU for that one Capcom!

And I'm sorry to Wild Arms fans... I will always love the first two games but the series time on the PS2 was PAINFUL! Yeah, I own them all (and I haven't played XF yet) but dude, it was time... it was time. Outside a few great tunes and some of the better moments in 4 I was done with the series when some of the crap in 5 (that even novice RPG makers would avoid in this day and age) reared it's ugly head.

I think most people realize the companies would probably mess up new versions somehow, given the change in developer/publisher mentality over the years, or the apparent need to radically change most things simply for the sake of change. This topic is more of wishlist of games that we wish they would produce the way we liked.