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Sony video unlimited??

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4 years ago#1
I was interested in using this service so i checked it out. I was under the impression it was a streaming service + subscription (hence the word "unlimited) like netflix.

I dont see any option for an unlimited streaming service for a subscription price, just movie rentals which is an absolute rip off for 5 a film - netflix is 5 a month for unlimited streaming.

However...on the FAQS on the sony website it says...

1. How much do the services cost? For Music Unlimited we offer a Premium subscription plan for $9.99 every 30 days. Note: New users can enjoy the first 30 days of the Premium Pan at no cost with our free trial...


5. Is there a video subscription service? No, currently Video Unlimited is a rental service.

how on earth does that make any sense? is it or isn't it a subscription based service then?
4 years ago#2
oops just realised the subscription service is for music unlimited, my bad
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