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The most overrated game of all time.

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2 years ago#241
Sir_Specter posted...
Call of Battlefield: Modern Duty. I've clearly never played either game and just hate them because they're popular.

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2 years ago#242
the walking dead

an over priced and short adventure game with a plot that frequently crosses over into the absurd that has zero replay value because at the end of the day the choices you make have no impact (the fact that people blindly ignore this amazes me) yet it is widely regarded as GOTY material and one of the greatest games of all time
(edited by Skunkdog1)
2 years ago#243
qlaxmicmizzel38 posted...
Sir_Specter posted...
Call of Battlefield: Modern Duty. I've clearly never played either game and just hate them because they're popular.


To be fair those games are rather tedious. Yes I have played them. Mw2 and Mw3. 2 had better maps.
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2 years ago#244
Final Fantasy VI : i found that game allright but i enjoyed 4,7 and 9 waaaaaaay more.

Walking Dead: after episode 2 i started to lose interest, the ending was good but was pretty much overrated
2 years ago#245
I never really got the lavish praise for OOT, I wasn't even blown away when I played it back in 99. It's a good game that's for sure but I don't think it's incredible. As for most overrated, I'm not too sure about that either.
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2 years ago#246
Halo 1 by far.

I owned it and played through it about 3 times......really didnt see what the big deal was
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2 years ago#247
I'd definitely select these three for most overrated games of all time:

Ocarina of Time
Metroid Prime
Final Fantasy X

The next two might be Golden Sun and The World Ends With You, but there's other compelling choices there as well.

Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime both have essentially the same problem - they try to transition a series to 3D but in the process they slow the game down enormously. 3D Zelda is effectively identical to 2D Zelda from a gameplay standpoint, you still wander through dungeons solving simple puzzles and killing enemies to get keys and find dungeon items. The 3D does nothing for the game since Link cannot jump, he's still glued to the ground and is only allowed to move in 2 dimensions, just like in the 2D games. The issue is that the rooms in 3D Zelda are typically 10 times the size and Link doesn't move any faster, so solving a room that took 10 seconds in LttP now takes 2 minutes in OoT, and you're not doing anything more than you were doing before, you just spend much longer watching Link's back and wondering why there isn't a run button. Z Targetting also dumbs down combat by removing the need to aim at enemies, making it even more simplistic than it was in LttP. People were really just impressed by this because they thought it was the first 3D Adventure game, but Mystical Ninja beat it to the punch by several months and is also a drastically better game. Okami shows how you make a 3D Zelda properly and stomps on OoT in every way possible.

Metroid Prime is almost the reverse - the gameplay is totally different from the 2D Metroids and loses most of what made them fun. There was a ton of exploration and platforming in Super Metroid, which has been mostly lost in Metroid Prime in favour of being locked in every room until you defeat all enemies and scanning every single wall and floor in the entire game world because that's the only way you're getting a shred of plot. People also have the misconception that this was the first FPS / Adventure hybrid, but Deus Ex did this earlier and much better, with far more emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. Metroid Other M is basically what 3D Metroid ought to be, if it had analog control, the ability to backtrack, and none of that melodramatic bullcrap, it would probably have been an amazing game.

Final Fantasy X is just a really antiquated and slow RPG. For a big budget game released in 2001 to have random battles is unacceptable to start with, let alone them being as insanely frequent as they are here. It's also among the least deep FFs from a customization standpoint, the sphere grid should in theory allow you lots of customization, but it's extremely linear, with most characters following a set path to their final skill for 99% of the main game. Even after you get far enough to traverse the rest of the grid, you just grind massively until you fill the whole thing, there's never any tradeoffs like there were in FF7 and FF8 where you had only a limited number of slots in which to assign your abilities. This game also has, without doubt, the worst minigames of all time. There's no word for butterfly catching, chocobo racing, and lightning dodging other than "painful". The presentation of this game is actually really good, but its terrible gameplay holds it back.
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(edited by Terotrous)
2 years ago#248
I can't think of any. Unlike movies and music and other stuff, I feel like games are generally rated pretty accurately, based on fun, how much people enjoy them. I guess music is largely that way, at least with pop music
2 years ago#249
No one is going to get into a big argument over my post? I'm disappointed PS3 board.
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2 years ago#250
Terotrous posted...
Okami shows how you make a 3D Zelda properly and stomps on OoT in every way possible.

After 9 hours Okami is boring.
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