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Non-YLoD Issues

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3 years ago#1
So I sent in my YLod 80GB and it was fixed- but they couldn't fix the PS3. It will go on and stay on, but there's no picture or audio. I've tried the whole "hold the button and reset the video settings" thing but that doesn't work. The cables also will work with a different PS3 on two different TVs.

The people who fixed it said that it usually means a component on the board has failed. I REALLY want this PS3 fixed- any advice or help?

Also, I doubt anyone could tell me but since the PS3 will at least turn on can I recover my photos and videos? I'd like my game data back too, but the other media is irreplaceable (and I didn't have the means to back anything up before this happened or use something else to store the pics and video).

I ask because I only have one power cable right now. The working PS3 I mentioned above was a gift but the gifter had lost the power cable.
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3 years ago#2
Have you tried every cable type to make sure both outputs are fubar'd? HDMI, as well as composite?
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3 years ago#3
No, I just got the PS3 back in the mail a few hours ago and I've been trying to fiddle with everything and look up answers. I'll dig around, I think I have some...but I figure if it's on the board it should be repairable, doesn't seem to be the hard drive.

Oh, right. I'm from the Chicago region, so if anyone knows a really good place around there...I don't know what component failed, though.
You are a jailer of love. And so you devour people, piece and whole. Now consume me. You need to eat.
3 years ago#4
It's a long shot, but you could try backing it up blindly (if I understand correctly your system still works but is not getting video/audio out). It may depend on what version of the system software you're using, but for the latest it's:

1. Turn on
2. Scroll all the way to the left (hold left for a while to be sure you're there)
3. right once (you'll be in the settings column now)
4. up all the way (to be sure to start at the top)
5. down 5 times
6. hit X (will be selecting "System Settings")
7. up all the way again (hold it down for a while to be sure)
8. now down 16 times
9. hit x (selects "Backup Utility")
10. press x again to select "Back Up"
11. left once, press x (selects "Yes")
12. left again, press x ("Yes")

Then with a formatted hard drive or flash drive in the USB slot it should start backing up photos and videos you got that aren't copy-protected.

Here's a video if you don't know what I'm talking about:
3 years ago#5
My idea isn't so grand though because you could format it by mistake ("Format Utility" is only one option above "Backup").
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