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Famous Examples of Video game development issues.

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3 years ago#1
Hello, For one of my classes I am writing about issues that a Video Game can encounter in its development and how this can affect the reception and such things. One example that I know of that was kept in development was Duke Nukem and a game that has been in development a long time is Versus XIII. Are there more examples that have been kept in development for a long time or had MAJOR changes during development.
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3 years ago#2

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3 years ago#3
Devil's Third. Probably gonna get scrapped.
3 years ago#4
Final Fantasy XII is a good example if you look up the history. It was basically almost finished, scrapped and reworked. Then they went back again and had to add in a almost teenage young boy because they felt gamers wouldn't relate to it otherwise.
3 years ago#5
You should research Last Remanant for PS3, not that it would lead to much but it had an interesting press situation similar to Versus XIII. It was supposed to come out for PS3 back in 2008 but they kept saying "thanks for your continued interest" "no new news at this time". etc.
3 years ago#6
Any of the cancelled Mega Man projects.

Skyrim DLC arriving painfully late onto the PS3.
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3 years ago#7
Maybe FFXIV although I don't know what details are known about its original development process.
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