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Are you buying Playstation 4 day 1?

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3 years ago#51
No. I never buy game consoles on day one. There usually no games that I would like on the release days. I will get when it will have at least 5 games that I want to play, never before.
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3 years ago#52
The console must cost 450$ and have 5 good games in order for me to get it day 1, if not i just wait for the slim versión to reach 300$.
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3 years ago#53
Maybe not for a year
3 years ago#54
3 years ago#55
Maybe not day 1, depends on launch line up, but certainly within the first 6 months, of course if one of the launch games is versus 13 then i will be buying a bat to knock everyone out of the way on launch day to get my hands on it
3 years ago#56
I would like to but gotta have at least 1 game im interested in if not ill wait plus so they can work out the bugs and glitches they seem to have when first released
3 years ago#57
I probably won't be buying one unless there's a game that I really like after a year or two. I doubt it, but we'll see. In three years, that is.
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