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Most underrated game of all time.

#11BlueswordsXPosted 2/1/2013 7:13:54 PM
Ah, yes. The first time I ever heard of the ET game was when it won the #1 Worst Game Ever in EGM.
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#12MasterVading(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2013 9:37:32 PM
toadieman posted...
Such a great ps3 game.

Yes cause I said specifically a PS3 game.

Try out Anarchy Reigns, you might like it.
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#13SideStrafePosted 2/1/2013 9:40:37 PM
Asura's Wrath

Binary Domain
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#14bigmanryanPosted 2/1/2013 9:45:44 PM
Final Fantasy VIII comes to mind. It gets a bad rap, but I thought it was brilliant.

And as far as 3D platformers go, Ape Escape is criminally underrated.
#15mrmickfranPosted 2/1/2013 10:00:49 PM
God Hand
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