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PS4 Controller revealed??? Pic in topic. #YOLO

#161SDFan18Posted 2/2/2013 8:59:17 PM
That's not a bad design. Swap the pad for an LCD screen and have decent triggers on the back, I'm good.
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#162carsaucePosted 2/3/2013 3:58:33 AM
Please let this just be a blueprint, I don't want a 360 yet flat dual analog sticks, ew.
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#163Zero254Posted 2/3/2013 4:55:11 AM
That image editing hurts so bad I might have just gotten cancer from looking at it.
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#164PredwolfPosted 2/3/2013 2:02:41 PM
The touchpad on the front is a bad idea, because you have to take your thumbs/fingers off of buttons to use it.

It should be on the back, split into two parts right where the metal plate is on the back of the DS3. If you look at the back of a well-used PS3 controller, the metal plate will have worn down in two spots. This is where the pad(s) should go.

This way, you're using fingers that are just sitting there, and you get actual functionality out of it.
#165IHeartMetroidPosted 2/3/2013 2:38:05 PM
" This is where the pad(s) should go."

Or maybe not stuffed onto the controller at all, perhaps!

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#166GFqsGangsterPosted 2/3/2013 3:07:52 PM
Dear god please dont let that be the way the analog sticks are placed on the Playstation 4 controller pleasseeeeee
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#167kingrat2314Posted 2/3/2013 3:38:13 PM
That PS4 controller is a mock up. If their is a touch pad on the controller, it will be on the back of the controller. Also, it says Dualshock 5 on the top. And Sony wouldn't make a controller with asymmetrical analog sticks.
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#168kingrat2314Posted 2/3/2013 3:44:56 PM
That second one says mock up right in the url. It also looks bad. Mock up = fan made btw.
I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of ass. I'm out of gum too. I guess I'll just sit here.
#169majin nemesisPosted 2/3/2013 4:14:12 PM(edited)
Draconas_Lyrr posted...
GwynsSonSolaire posted...

Previous was simply outdated


That wouldn't be bad. I could live with it.

me too
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#170mx_703Posted 2/3/2013 4:19:24 PM(edited)
I'd be okay with this, just keep the analog sticks not concave, and switch the left analog with the directional buttons.

Scratch that, the post above this has a WAY better design.
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