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What BIG game in your collection you never played?

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  3. What BIG game in your collection you never played?
2 years ago#41
not counting Steam because those backlogs are just ridiculous

Mass Effect 1 and 2 (have you to buy 3 though)
Batman Arkham City (I really really need to start this one soon)

Those are the only ones that really stick out
2 years ago#42
Heavy Rain, I planned to play it soon but I changed my mind to play it later.
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2 years ago#43
Iminyourcloset posted...
_ChunksTM_ posted...

Why do you even own a console?

To play games? You act like there aren't even other games to play than the ones I listed. Besides, when you've been gaming for 30+ years like I have, you may miss a game or two in that time. It happens.
Peace through tyranny.
2 years ago#44
Uncharted 2. I've opened and played Uncharted 3 to play the multiplayer with a buddy.
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  3. What BIG game in your collection you never played?

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