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Major backlog

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User Info: unhappytriad

4 years ago#1
I seem to be losing interest fast with games these days.
Darksiders 2-3 hrs
Darksiders 2 one hr
Epic Mickey 2 -3 hrs
Uncharted 1 finished
Uncharted 2 half way through
Lego batman 2 finished because of my kid
Dark souls about 1 hr
Dead rising 1 finished
Dead rising otr about 1 hr
Batman ac about 2 hrs
Ni no kuni 2-3 hrs
Walking dead 1 hr
Heavy rain 2 hrs
Mgs 4 about 2 hrs
Spiderman 2-3 hrs
Gta 4 about 3 hrs
Max Payne 3 about 1 hr
Xenoblade 2 hrs
Zombi u 2 hrs
Tales of graces f 2 hrs
Ghost recon fs 1 hr
Mass effect 3 about 2 hrs
Nier 2 hrs
Fallout 3 about 4 hrs
Twilight princess took me a yr to finish
Skyward sword 5 hrs
Saboteur 3 hrs

Don't get me wrong cause I love all of these games and plan to play them more but WTH. Anyone in a similar situation?

User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#2
Take a break from gaming for a couple of weeks.

User Info: S1lver_Bull3t

4 years ago#3
OrangeSchweese posted...
Take a break from gaming for a couple of weeks.

Das what I did. Lost interest in gaming, took a break for a couple of months. Then I plunged right back in with Dishonored (which obviously hooked me), and before I know it I'm blazing through my back-log. Already finished maybe 5+ games since last month.
"Fight and hunt as you like. Whoever's fastest gets the prey. That's the way we do it."

User Info: MwarriorHiei

4 years ago#4
lol thats not even that big of a backlog.

User Info: HwoarangExpert1

4 years ago#5
ya when you substitute games for human interaction or recreational activities, your going get bored sitting there playing all day , unless your a 10 year old.
PSN - Ziaro_7
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