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After 1 generation with triggers...

#11InfernoSDPosted 2/4/2013 12:23:45 AM
Triggers could work if designed by someone even remotely competent. These crappy reverse triggers with too large a deadzone and too tense springs, are rubbish though. Even with trigger extensions they're still not ideal.

Eh, that's not Sony's fault. It's all the developers not knowing how to use them correctly or being too lazy. A control's deadzone is wherever the developer chooses to have it. Look at GTA IV. You can hold the trigger 1/3 to enter free-aim mode, or hold it down all the way to lock on to targets. It feels great once you learn it. Also pretty useful to have that analog control while driving.

I like L2/R2 the way they are, but I wouldn't mind them making some changes there. I think they should stay analog, though. Hell, even the face buttons have some amount of analog control. It's just a matter of how they're treated at the software level.
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