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Is there any Call of Duty game that everyone can agree was good?

#21work_a_holicPosted 2/4/2013 11:47:27 AM
Dirk_McHardpeck posted...
I wish I could remember which demo I played because I remember the one thing that concerned me was that it seemed like you could only play the mission a certain way and if you dared to deviate from the story at all you were punished. For example, the goal of the mission was to move silently through the airbase. Okay, I can do that. And one bonus was that as you pushed forward your AI partner would snipe any soldier who was about to detect you. That's great at first but on multiple replays it got boring I thought so in one replay I silent killed a soldier myself when no one, I mean NO ONE, was around. Nonetheless, within seconds my AI partner was shouting into my earpiece "Get out of there! They've spotted you!" Huh? What? I thought. So I ducked inside a trailer when no one was looking but the enemy still swarmed me and I was killed. I tried a couple different ways to complete the mission my own way but found that no matter what I did the game was not happy if I deviated from the "script" and soldiers would come out of seemingly nowhere and kill me. I'm used to games that have mission objectives that you're expected to complete, like move from point A to point B unnoticed, but they rarely care about how many bots you kill while completing it as long as you remain unnoticed.

That was modern Warfare 2. The games are linear.