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Devil May Cry really surprised me

#1ramseanGoodbyePosted 2/4/2013 11:55:17 AM
I really liked Enslaved, the first Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3 so I didn't have any real negative bias going in.

As much as I loved Enslaved, the combat wasn't quite up to Devil May Cry standards, so I was kinda expecting the story to be the strong point and the gameplay while not bad to be less than amazing. As it turns out I found the opposite is true.

The combat was really good, flowed really well, switching between 4 move-sets mid combo is really great and the enemy variety really forces you to vary your attacks. The story on the other hand kinda felt like a retread, I was really hoping they'd switch it up, but it kinda felt like same old Dante spouting cheesy one liners with added expletives. That may not be a bad thing for some people, but I was just expecting a little more in a post Travis Touchdown Era. All that said i'll definitely pick up the DLC because I haven't had this much fun just playing a game in a long time.