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[HELP] Need someone to pass on a psn message for me.

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4 years ago#1
I'm in a strange situation. I just got the YLOD and need to replace my ps3. I am shocked how expensive the ps3 is after 6 years.

I have a psn freind that I talk to quite a lot and he recently got a very good deal on a new ps3. He also lives in the uk. I have no way to contact him because obviously I can't sign into psn anymore. I need someone to give him a message for me.

It won't bother him, he's been my freind for many years. Since we are both online almost everyday we only talk via psn and I don't know his email address. I just need someone to give him my email address and the message that I got the YLOD and want more information on where he got his new ps3 - and to email me as soon as he can.

Can someone give me their word that they will pass on the message first and I'll post his psn ID and my email address. thanks. If I get a code or anything in the future I will pay you back but I'm hoping someone will do this for me now to help me out. anyone?
PSN sparklegirl
4 years ago#2
Sure I'm about to get on PSN anyway might as well. What's his PSN?
PSN/GT Mythodix
4 years ago#3
Sent a PM with details.

I am really upset that my ps3 failed but I am also relieved because I just got the MGS4 platinum and synched it yesterday. imagine loosing those saves and having to redo 8 playthroughs and redoing Big Boss emblem.

If anyone is curious. I was playing unfinished swan and it suddenly turned itself off, then I got the YLOD whenever I tried to start the system.
PSN sparklegirl
4 years ago#4
not good ziggy !!!!!!
this is my username on here
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