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is it my hard drive that i should replace?

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4 years ago#1
This past week I've been experiencing corrupt data issues. I've been restoring system file and formatting my ps3 and it still keeps freezing. At first I thought that it was maybe my games & that had problems like when started playing one game in the beginning of last week it started freezing online & I thought that it was maybe an online lagging problem but then when it happened again i thought it was my game after that i found out that i had corrupt data. sometimes it will show a zig zag line going across on the disc and say corrupt data when im on the xmb menu. Sometimes when I while play the game will freeze to a point where I'm still able to go on the xmb menu and quit game but then after i did that the system will shut off. By the way my ps3 games are very clean and are in great condition. I kept choosing option 3 on safe mode and it didn't help and every time i will go on playstation live assistance thats all that they will tell me to do until a couple of days later I brought a usb flash drive & became a ps plus member to save certain games. Then I formatted it and backup my memory and then the same thing kept happening except with a different game and then I put the 1ST game disc that I was first experiencing this with & it happened to me again. Only when I play psn games everything is okay nothing freezes nor lags. I already formatted my ps3 like 4 times and nothing seems to work what should i do ? Sony told me to send it to them so they can fix it with the price being $107 dollars with shipping and handling but I feel like there is no use because I feel like I can go to best buy and buy a 500 gb for $54 instead of sony fixing it for their price and plus my ps3 has only 160 gb but this only applies if my harddrive is dying. who thinks that if I replace my hdd that everything will be fixed what should I do?
4 years ago#2
****, it was annoying reading through that wall of text, it made my eyes hurt.

In any case, you'll know if it's an HDD problem if the HDD activity light stays lit up without blinking for a long period of time when doing something as simple as say, scrolling down your friends list (which also goes along with your PS3 freezing up and not being able to do a thing until the HDD gets to working again).

I've had my HDD fail on me in November and I saw the signs early on enough to back all my stuff up and replace it with a new one. Sending it to Sony for that amount is absolutely ridiculous, considering it sounds as though it's only your HDD that's the issue.

EDIT: Actually, re-reading your problem, it may be a heat issue if it's constantly freezing up in-game. The corrupted data can be due to games trying to save when it freezes and you quitting out/PS3 shutting off in he process. If you have a fat PS3, then it can be a variety of problems and ylod may be imminent. If it's a slim, then it may need some form of maintenance, can be as simple as dusting out the inside or hdd replacement.
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4 years ago#3
Thank You for responding JiZamez. I have an 160 gb slim ps3. The problem isn't the YLOD but like you said it could be an heat issue because It also does have a lot of dust inside. Maybe all I have to do is have it opened and take all the dust out and if that doesn't work then it definitely has to do something with the hdd. Probably the hdd has too much dust that's why it not functioning right maybe who knows. & Yeah sony's price for a repair is just dumb.
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