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Persona 3 or 4? (Poll)
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neojazan174/27 1:14PM
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Starting to feel like I should give up on cheating in video games
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cheatermaster664/27 11:19AM
Looking for a good RPG in the classics
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Jamsiesdragon144/27 11:11AM
RPG's with romance/dating sim elements?
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lid1013134/27 9:20AM
Batman Arkham Origins, why the bad reviews ?
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elken404/27 5:24AM
Playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and just beat fake Marluxie! Only took 8 hours!Blancshammer24/27 4:14AM
Just beat RE6, which game to play next? (5 games to choose from)
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Scorsese2002234/27 3:38AM
POLL: Do you own Vanquish? (Poll)
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Jx1010624/27 3:13AM
How do you feel if you cheesed/exploited the final boss? (Poll)
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potatodood334/27 12:37AM
Ps3 Sherlock Holmes gamesogami_itto54/26 11:18PM
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xmb lags once using hdmi for video composite cable for audio outdaevilgenius2254/26 9:52PM
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Some help with storing save data on a flash drive.evidpeed24/26 7:35PM
So why are 360s so cheap now but PS3s still cost so much?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Holy_Oblivion304/26 7:14PM