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Any good JRPGs for PS3?
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Raiden243254/28 11:43PM
PSN Sucks ?calibur75364/28 11:35PM
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What to get for Golden Week (Poll)Jigen3244/28 8:13PM
just got my first platinum, you wont believe what happened next...ZetaroZethren94/28 8:08PM
Any ps3 Games you wish were included in the golden week sale?djmetal77724/28 8:05PM
Anyone still play SFIII:TSOE? Wanna get together for a tournament?ZHolyMadman84/28 7:09PM
Okay, let's be honest here: What would you actually do? (KH Reference) (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
GuilmonDX184/28 6:57PM
How (long) are the Dishonored story DLCs?Mass_Carrier104/28 6:27PM
Guys I just saw this "Arcania" game for the ps3. What is it?!ClassicRich44/28 6:20PM
Controller issue?Rideps114/28 6:11PM
I hate when PSN is missing one or two games in a series.Grindcorp900084/28 5:57PM
What are your favorite things to do on Grand Theft Auto V?Scipio198934/28 5:48PM
Sharing your PSN account - is there a way to rollback if you have shared twice?shadestreet54/28 5:12PM
Is Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes (PS3) Compatible with the DS4?oomomow14/28 4:32PM
Legend of Korra worth it? No interest in the show, just a Platinum Games fan.Justice9840554/28 4:29PM
Mortal Kombat will always be better than Street Fighter
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Muhammad1985354/28 4:26PM
RPG's with romance/dating sim elements?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lid1013154/28 3:59PM
Is One Piece Unlimited World Red a good game ? Should i buy all One Piece gamesahmednaruto201354/28 3:24PM