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Aliens Colonial Marines fans......... 2hrs of gameplay

#61Mutant1988Posted 2/7/2013 9:34:50 AM
JohnHitman47 posted...
So we are 2.

Though I must specify that this is the only reason why I won't be getting it. I'm not a fan of digital delivery and especially not when the game is developed as to allow for extensive digital add-ons.

The Borderlands expansions were handled well (A LOT of content for your money - Still wouldn't buy it on a console though, with it's closed network and hardware/OS based DRM - I have it for Steam instead), but making something as basic as a survival mode DLC? No, I want that on disc, on release.

But Gearbox have been exemplary at catering to both supporters of DLC and those of us that prefer it on disc. So a on-disc retail game of the year should be released eventually.
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