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How to find out how long account suspended/banned

#11BlinkWinkelPosted 2/5/2013 5:15:46 PM(edited)
I don't think a 11 years old know how to hack, so being banned for that is unlikely.

Do you know what games he played? maybe he lost at an online game and was being a sore loser or something and sent 100 hate mails. And he was then reported, and banned for doing so.

By the way, check the email you used to resister your PSN account. You might have gotten a message explaining the reason for the ban.

#12maguey68Posted 2/5/2013 5:14:12 PM
I have always found the PS customer service people to be very helpful--just email them and you will get a response, just might take a couple of days.
#13god_of_toast(Topic Creator)Posted 2/5/2013 5:39:34 PM
Cheers for the advice people.

I dont know what the heck my cousin was doing online. He does play FIFA, MADDEN and black ops a lot so perhaps he got really annoying online. Who knows.

I guess I'll email or call sony and see what they can do about it. Ive already checked the email that was registered with it; havent found an email from sony yet.

There wasnt that much money on the account anyway so its not a big issue for me.

Im just pissed that all my trophies are now screwed. I used to like playing hard games and going for some of the hard trophies. Is there any way of transferring my trophies from the banned account to a new user? Im guessing no.

Ah wells. It doesnt matter in the end.

Thanks for the help lads, much appreciated.