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What is the oldest/most put off game in your backlog?

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User Info: Thermador446

4 years ago#1
mine is Afro Samurai. I got a very lightly used copy for $40 not too long after it came out, because the demo was pretty good.

I bet I could get it for less than $10 now. when I got it, I couldn't find a single thing better at Gamestop, so at least I don't regret buying it.
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User Info: theatrical_cat

4 years ago#2
Mass Effect; had it for just over two years.

I keep wanting to play it and get into the series, but it's such a boring start. I always get to the part where you save Liara, and after that I'm just burnt out.
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User Info: Varron

4 years ago#3
Valkyria Chronicles. Got stuck and never went back...
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User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#4
Valkyria Chronicles and GTAIV. Two games I got a long time ago, but haven't yet beaten. I've started them both a couple of times, but could just never get into them. I plan to beat both of them one day, but yeah.
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User Info: dl61695

4 years ago#5
Final Fantasy XIII

I've made it to chapter 11 but I hate grinding.
I'll finish it some day
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#6
FIFA Soccer for SNES. Got it at launch, and never played it.

I think I'll give it a go tonight!
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User Info: denniedarko

4 years ago#7
Suikoden II.

I really want to love it, as I loved the first and couldn't put it down, but for whatever reason I can't get past the 3 or 4 hour mark every time I try it.
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User Info: KoroshiyaZero

4 years ago#8
Folklore. I like the game, but shortly after I got it, amazing games just kept coming out that always pushed it further back. Flash forward several years and I still haven't gotten to it.

User Info: enigma2274

4 years ago#9
Alice Madness Returns. Got it when it came out, played it pretty far. Now I'll have to restart one day to refamiliarize myself.
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User Info: wsoldier182

4 years ago#10
FF8, I've had that game in one form or another (PC or PS1) for about 9 years now. I've never got any more that a few hours into it.
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