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My friend accidentally reformatted my hard drive...

#11crazyman32Posted 2/6/2013 11:09:37 AM
Your "friend" is an idiot.
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#12Excuse_MePosted 2/6/2013 11:11:28 AM
stomach6 posted...
RemakeMe posted...
There is no friend. The person who formatted the hard drive was you wasn't it?

Yes. You would be right.

#13tigerex777Posted 2/6/2013 11:34:53 AM(edited)
Ah yes the classic "my friend" excuse to try to not look stupid. I'm surprised nobody has blamed their friends yet for 911
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#14Red_JesterPosted 2/6/2013 11:36:45 AM
That's why I don't regret getting PS Plus even when they release weak games. I have all of my game data backed up on cloud storage.
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