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The top 100 PS3 games of all time!
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jls403342/27 10:41AM
Fanboyism aside, Do you prefer the X360 controller over the PS3 Dual Shock? (Poll)
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PS3 POLL: Which Chris Redfield do YOU prefer? (Poll)
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PS3 owners - How often, if ever, have you used PlayStation Home? (Poll)
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Challenging, but not time consuming Platinums
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Enix Belmont222/27 4:38AM
Do all headsets work like earphones?hideousfranchis92/27 3:56AM
What do you use your MAG disc for? Since the game is literally dead, ya know? (Poll)
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PolishCockatiel262/27 1:20AM
funnest fighting game characters to play as?
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Brocken_Jr202/26 11:40PM