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After years in denial, I finally got myself to finish RE5. Honest thoughts.
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hindd92213/29 2:39AM
Which Assassin's Creed To Buy? (PSN Spring Sale).trueps4wiiufan93/29 2:11AM
Should I get the Megaman X games on sale?
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Jx1010453/29 12:08AM
Delayed Games dont bother me anymoregamergeek10183/29 12:07AM
Battle of the PS3 Games------------Round 4------------ (Poll)fiyeroatheart73/28 11:29PM
Does Modern Warfare 2 still have the fastest start-up?Varron33/28 10:01PM
Is there an element of story/characters in games that you just don't like?Justice9840593/28 10:01PM
Good horror gamescasugaman103/28 9:24PM
Shadow Tower coming to PSN
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AughtforNaught153/28 8:45PM
What games are you looking forward to in the $$$ Easter Flash Sale $$$?
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My_Unit363/28 6:59PM
Anything good to use the 10% coupon on?
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justaseabass113/28 5:35PM
Is there a way to set a password to use the PS3?ValzacardX53/28 5:05PM
100 GB Internal Hard Drive for PS3?hellobob0973/28 4:06PM
Friend offering to sell his PS3 w/ 122 digital games, what should I pay? (Closed)
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MourningReigns463/28 3:40PM
Need some help with Metal Gear Solid 4Aalvi63/28 3:13PM
Battle of the PS3 Games------------Round 3------------ (Poll)fiyeroatheart93/28 3:13PM
Any jrpgs announced for localization / heading west? (Read 1st post)PotatoTears13/28 1:38PM
There's a Asia The Best version of Folklore mint for 20 bucks. Should I?
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ClassicRich153/28 1:16PM
Have a PS3 that just died on me, can I transfer my account to a new one?CTipple33/28 12:16PM
Cant believe you sonyYuseju103/28 11:14AM