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So the Prototype series is basically a Carnage gameViciousXl262/26 6:00AM
Stealth fans! What is your favorite Stealth-based video game of all time?
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Jamin--932/26 5:49AM
Arkham Origins Blackgate board is a ghost town - need help getting TDKR OutfitYou_Need_A_Life32/26 5:24AM
Re: Overlord 2carsauce42/26 4:58AM
New Sale in PSN.. Watch Dogs just $19.99
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fallouturrican402/26 4:54AM
Which of the PS+ PS3 games should i try firstMARKINGRAM2252/26 4:43AM
Blood Dragon not workingNIK1278752/26 4:07AM
PS3 Slim Doesnt Recognize HDD?sHARN34522/26 1:39AM
Games you enjoyed and played on PS3 but ...will never play again
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carsauce192/26 1:33AM
Hotline Miami 2 out March 10thBleu_Skie82/26 12:13AM
Downloading Blood Dragon!JustinBoo102/26 12:00AM
Resident evil revelations 2 initial impressions(spoilers)completeboy12/25 11:54PM
Is Yakuza 4 standalone?harcoreblazer52/25 11:29PM
man, dark souls is dumbg-zez12/25 11:05PM
Under Night In-Birth just $23.79 on DAY ONE with Plus. Normal Price $39.99VanguardFate72/25 10:25PM
Of these 3 upcoming titles, which one has got you more excited? (Poll)
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kilaude472/25 9:41PM
I miss the days
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Archangel489122/25 9:36PM
What's the best PS3 model in your opinion?
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PrettyBoyMarth182/25 8:45PM
Features you want in 4.75?TheChronic200182/25 8:26PM
Which unpopular games do you have platinum trophies in?
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AzurexNightmare342/25 6:57PM