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Final Fantasy Sale

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3 years ago#21
7, 8 ,9

I recorded 3 minutes of each game running in HD on the PS3

Running on the vita it is pixel perfect.
3 years ago#22
IMHO the 1 and 2 bundle is the best one.

but 6 and 5 are a good too.
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3 years ago#23
FFVIII is basically the Metal Gear Solid 2 of Final Fantasy.

Which I guess makes FFIX MGS3.
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3 years ago#24
I wish i had some way of playing FF3. The one on PSN is only for PSP and i don't have one.
Did they not release a version of that for the original playstation?
3 years ago#25
I've picked up FF8 on the sale. I didn't like it the first time around but giving it a second chance to see if my opinion will change. At the very least i get to enjoy Triple Triad again
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3 years ago#26
PostMortemPoet posted...
[...] What about the others on sale, the PSP games, Dissidia I think they're called, are they of a similar gameplay style?

Nope. The Dissidia games are fighting games, but not in the regular sence. They are pretty unique due to their combat mechanics and heavy RPG roots. I spent countles hours on those two. very fun and full of content. It's main USP however lies in it's appeal to fans. There are countless refrences and tributes to all the FF and unless your a fan already most of the stuff isn't rally that special to obtain.
There is a demo though so i say check that out.
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3 years ago#27
nonexistinghero posted...
6, 7, 9

I guess some would say 8. It's not bad, but not that great either, IMO. Horrible story & characters and a battle system you can break fairly easily.

I'm with you here. I love VIII but there is no denying it's flawed on a number of levels and would frustrate new comers today. VI, VII and IX truly are the must haves IMO assuming you can handle dated graphics.
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3 years ago#28
FFVIII is a good game. Its oh so horrible storyline is heavily exaggerated, usually people say so just because of a single plot twist. Disc 1 of FFVIII is also easily the best single disc of a Final Fantasy title pre-PS2. It's unfortunate that the remaining discs are not as compelling but it was a satisfying experience..
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