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Assassin's creed series or far cry 4tjk116878210/23 9:20AM
So I just bought Heavy rain ( What to know before I play and no spoilers please)
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SILENTGHOSTS961410/23 9:00AM
I'm finally doned with ALIEN ISOLATION!RollingCradle610/23 8:54AM
What's the best main God of War game? (Poll)Megamushroom666810/23 8:52AM
Do you prefer Japanese style or western style gameplay, art style, story + OST? (Poll)
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SUIT_UP2010/23 8:39AM
What games do you think me, HaloODSTD, is playing on my PS3?
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HaloODSTD1710/23 8:38AM
Is today's poll the best ever? (Poll)epictetus1216610/23 8:37AM
Loud Fan NoiseVoid_Reversal410/23 8:34AM
Bioshock 1 Vs. Bioshock 2 Vs. Bioshock InfiniteCcXs510/23 8:31AM
The Last of Us GOTY Edition coming November 11 in Europe. (Closed)GiappasBenz610/23 8:18AM
Is the God of War Saga a good investment if I liked GOW 3?
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SegavsCapcom1910/23 7:37AM
Yakuza 1&2 HD (Japanese) down to $20 soon.Lum_Yatsura410/23 7:25AM
Some "bad" news for people waiting the PS3/Vita versions of Oddworld.GiappasBenz410/23 7:13AM
Wtf, went on PS Store to see this weeks sales...
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RJP_X1810/23 6:34AM
Who here listens to OSTs during work?
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onionring19881610/23 6:03AM
I'm bored, what should I play? (Poll)
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KoRnKoB1510/23 5:58AM
What Great Games Do You Wish To See In The Next $$$ 0.099 $$$ Flash Sale?!?!?!
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flashSale2010/23 4:37AM
Would you buy more games in PSN if there was more Flash Sales? (Poll)orcagamers510/23 4:13AM
San Andreas coming to PS3/360?
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justaseabass1310/23 3:50AM
Anyone else 100% Beyond Good and Evil from the flash sale?
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RJP_X1910/23 2:50AM