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Favorite Megaman X games (Poll)
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Why aren't there more gay characters and romances especially in PS3 games?
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My_Unit1208/30 9:37AM
PS+ games September (EU)
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Enjoyed both Tales of Symphonia games. Will I enjoy Tales of Graces f? Hate TotA
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Final Fantasy II is one of the best Final Fantasy games.
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knightoffire55258/30 9:21AM
What are good choices for a bluetooth PS3 mic/headset?Vakris_One18/30 9:10AM
Right game, right time. (And wrong game, wrong time.)
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CaIiber345128/30 8:31AM
Does anyone want Persona 5 to be like the graphics in Akiba's Trip?carsauce58/30 8:28AM
Why aren't there more latino characters and romances especially in PS3 games?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Legend524138/30 8:06AM
Sony is trapped in an illogical thinking failure with Playstation PLUS
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orcagamers188/30 7:52AM
Tomb Raider, Uncharted series, The last of US.
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Billy Trance158/30 7:28AM
Why do you think Akihabara's Trip is less popular on PS3 than on Vita?Junpei_Stupei98/30 7:25AM
Best Game in the Devil May Cry Series (Poll)
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kamui80278/30 7:17AM
PSN PS1 Classicskamui8068/30 7:03AM
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