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And now On to a Useful topic! (Hello im a recent XBOX convert)

#21Evel138Posted 2/9/2013 6:47:45 AM
61degrees posted...
The controller is the best out of all the consoles imo. Its symmetrical just like my hands.

And yeah the installs are annoying, but its just the way it works..

Yeah, about "symmetry"....ummm.....that's why every controller that is NOT the PS/DS/6Ax has its primary movement input (whether an analog or in the past, d-pad) symmetrically across from the primary action inputs (face buttons). The only reason the analogs were ever configured in such a way in the first place is because they were an addition to the old PS1 controller (which, coincidentally had its primary movement input at the time, the d-pad, symmetrically across from the face buttons), that was rarely used during the merely tacked on to the available real estate of the controller, at that time. The only reason it has remained is, in that the PS controller is the only controller to use such an ass backward design, the image of this controller has become a very recognizable icon to the brand......despite the, IMHO, piss poor functionality.

I mean, if it works for you....more power to ya. For a lot of guys on this board, its pretty much all they've known.
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#22Sebbo91Posted 2/9/2013 6:54:17 AM
You got to try the uncharted games.
#23UniversquallPosted 2/9/2013 7:13:12 AM
It's unfortunate that Sony doesn't provide an alternative for people that still cry about the controller.
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#24Evel138Posted 2/9/2013 7:27:09 AM
Universquall posted...
It's unfortunate that Sony doesn't provide an alternative for people that still cry about the controller.

SONY, first party, may not, but there are several companies making PS controllers that not only put the analogs in the right place, but try to emulate the form fit of the 360 controller....instead of the squared-off angular stubs the DS passes off handles/grips.

Even though many try to get the triggers right as well, its kind of moot in that many games don't support custom you're stuck with L1/R1 for iron sights/fire in most shooters anyway.
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#25UniversquallPosted 2/9/2013 7:28:07 AM
There you go. An optional controller for the complainers.
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#26levyjl1988Posted 2/9/2013 7:33:48 AM
Cronus, nuff said.
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#27Jason_HudsonPosted 2/9/2013 7:46:47 AM
rwfan2c posted...
From: Kaiser499 | #003
MLB The Show

holy crap... i forgot about the show... last one i played was like 06 i think on the ps2 and loved it.

How is it now? I loved how in depth the game was.. and i generally dont even like Baseball. lol

No idea about MLB 13, but MLB 11 and 12 were great games. I'm from the UK, so I have no idea about Baseball, but I loved the games. The amount of customisation options and the actual graphics were outstanding. They paid attention to small details, which I really liked.

The gameplay is great too, you can tailor it really well for your skill level (even I could hit the ball) and even play it (at least you could in MLB 12) with the move controller (which is the PS3's version of the Wiimote), which was fun, though not practical.

Definitely worth a look, especially if you picked up a Move controller cheap.
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#28Mister_VanillaPosted 2/9/2013 8:54:48 AM
Universquall posted...
It's unfortunate that Sony doesn't provide an alternative for people that still cry about the controller.

I switched to PS3 after years of Xbox, and hated the controller at first.

I got over it, and I love it. Its lasted 3 generations for a reason.
#29rwfan2c(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 2:54:18 PM
thanks for anyone who suggested games, I'm Borrowing Uncharted from a friend to try it out, may buy the series if i do enjoy it.

I will look in to some of these other games.

Ni no Kuni i have heard alot of good things about so that will most likely be the first.

Demon Souls maybe... i like playing games more for the story then the challenge however that doesn't mean i dislike challenge. If i can find it for cheap ill pick it up and give it a run through.

Thanks again to anyone who suggested and also thanks Juvart24 ill look into that... because the biggest hinderance to me playing the PS3 is that anything more then an hour or 2 my hands start to cramp up because of how contorted i have to make them to use the sticks.

I remember reading someone who said the R2/L2 buttons were far to sensitive... yes i agree, ive been playing assassins creed 3 recently and anytime the controller bumps my knee even a little bit i hit the R2 button which opens the "Equipment" menu. x.x
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