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Need advice from my fellow gamers.

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3 years ago#1
I bought 2 new games star ocean 4 and tales of grace f

Now star ocean 3 is my fav rpg ever so I wanted 4 but everyone said it sucks so I never got it until yesterday as I also bought tales at the same time.nthe reason I bought star ocean was because they said it was the last used copy and is a hard game to find retail.

Here's my issue I bought 2 new ps3 games because my computer broke and it's going to take awhile to fix it, so I thought. The repair man finally called me back and took the computer to get it fixed the next day. It's at his shop so I may be getting this fixed quick and if I do I go back to my pc gaming however I have not opend tales yet and could take it back for a full refund but I love rpgs and I feel the pc lacks them if Im loving star ocean should I just rip apart the tales game right now and put it in my ps3 because it will put star ocean to shame?
3 years ago#2
It's just a popular trend to hate on Star Ocean 4. If you already enjoy the series, then you shouldn't have an issue with the game. One issue people have is the voice acting, and honestly I didn't have that problem.
Gordon Ramsay, the Mr Resetti of cooking
3 years ago#3
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