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POLL: What is your * Favorite * Resident Evil game ?

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3 years ago#21
Maybe RE3 because that's my first RE games i ever played.
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3 years ago#22
REmake would have to be mine. The atmosphere in that game is amazing - and those Crimson head zombies... First time in a long time I was bouncing up and down in my seat to make it to the door in time.
3 years ago#23
Wanted to vote for RE:CV. Should have replaced it with outbreak imo. 2nd favorite would be RE3 followed by RE4.
3 years ago#24
REmake > RE4 > RE2 = RE3 > RE: CV > RE5 > RE6
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3 years ago#25
RE4 for sure. Im most likely gonna get flamed for this
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3 years ago#26
5 and REmake
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3 years ago#27
Code Veronica on Dreamcast.

Been playing RE since the first was released and CV just felt like the ultimate accumulation of yhe series. After that every thing else felt like they were flogging an equine corpse. (except Degeneration)
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3 years ago#28
Where is Survivor?
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3 years ago#29
the old ones where you dont just go through the game and shoot things....err wait a second you always did that....oops shhh I cant bring that up when ppl slam the newer ones for this
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3 years ago#30
REmake for me. It's dripping with atmosphere.
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