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sigh... should I just bite the bullet and buy a new internal hard drive for ps3? (Archived)culture_den44/9 8:26AM
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Welp... I guess I am taking the plunge soon and joining the PS3 brotherhood. (Archived)
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Linux_Is_Epic564/9 7:06AM
PSN Easter Honey Bunny Flash Sale starting today!!!? (Archived)
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KrautSauer364/9 6:40AM
So did trophies stop posting to Facebook officially now? (Archived)HakuMan11138624/9 6:05AM
Would you have liked for resident evil to reuse nemesis' voice? (Poll)bvillebro64/9 5:57AM
What's usually the preferred route for new Demon's Souls players? (Archived)
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XCrossYZ164/9 5:54AM
Wanna upgrade my 250 GB hardrive to 500. (Archived)Kous5234/9 5:37AM
Thoughts on some games in PSN Easter sale (Archived)DeltaBladeX104/9 12:30AM
Does anyone else like Red Dead Revolver more than Redemption? (Archived)Bat17864/8 10:59PM
I'm playing the Souls games in a weird order. (Archived)WebslingerTheo54/8 10:56PM
Question, I have not played my PS3 in like...over 5 years. (Archived)Watereol64/8 10:45PM
How did Kojima not get sued? (MGS2 spoilers) (Archived)
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AzurexNightmare114/8 10:15PM
Anyone ever redeemed a PSN card from Sony Rewards? (Archived)Epicness201234/8 7:22PM
Battle of the PS3 Games------------Round 27------------ (Poll)fiyeroatheart84/8 6:31PM
Quick question regarding PSOne classics (Archived)Humanoid_Sharks44/8 6:03PM
Final Fantasy VII is still the best RPG of all time. (Archived)
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My_Unit2734/8 5:35PM
what is the difference between final fantasy xiii, xiii-2 and lightning returns (Archived)ahmednaruto201364/8 5:31PM
Have games become more liberal during the past decade? (Archived)Muhammad1985104/8 5:30PM
Solid Snake kind of got shafted. (spoilers) (Archived)
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AzurexNightmare174/8 4:00PM